Jack's Magazine - Maribyrnong

Working Heritage commissioned an activation of Jack's Magazine situated in Maribyrnong, Melbourne. Artists Architecture of Audio, Deb Bain-King and Chantal Wynter used projection and sound for a one evening event. 

States of Blue - West Projections Festival 2016

States of Blue - West Projections Festival 2016 was presented in partnership with Victoria University as part of the centenary.  A series of video projections in Footscray in over 18 sites involving over 20 artists. 

West Projections - 2015

West Projections 2015 was a series of video projections and sound pieces in over 11 sites involving 12 artists in Footscray. Food was the theme of exploration. 

Welcome to the Salon - 2015

Welcome to the Salon - 2015

Welcome to the Salon was produced for Big West Festival in 2015. 

Big West Festival and Wynter Projects presents WELCOME TO THE SALON inviting three contemporary performance artists to explore the role of women in the site-specific location of three functioning hair salons in Footscray. The salons are Medra Genet Boutique, Ngoc Lan Hairdressing and Beauty Salon and Sexy Hair Salon. Three artists Riza Manalo, Janette Hoe and Hannah Bronte explore the theme of identity through a hair salon; the hair styles, the process of cutting, the conversations between women, the material of hair and the milieu of a salon. The two guided walks will guide the audience to each hair salon to view each 15 minute performance.

Image courtesy of Shuttermain